About Us

Formed in 2019, Buchanan & Groom offers a highly specialized experience
for buyers, sellers, and property owners. Bruce Buchanan and Bill Groom
graduated from Yorktown High School in 1978. Forty years later, at a chance
encounter at Arlington’s famed Bob & Edith’s Diner, they discussed their long
experience in real estate and something clicked.Photo of Bruce and Jan

“We wanted to combine our expertise to provide clients with a wider view of
Northern Virginia real estate,” said Bill. As a second-generation agent, Bill’s
love for all things real estate is genetic.

Bruce has been in real estate for more than 30 years, spending about a decade
as an agent. With contractors credentials, he has managed repairs and
renovations for two decades, honing in on a passion for property management.

Together, they have close to 80 years of combined experience in Northern
Virginia real estate, and understand the profession from the ground up.

Whether you’re selling your home or wanting to buy, whether you’re turning your
home into a rental or moving back into your rental, our firm can help. We have the
expertise to be your trusted partner and, with us by your side, you can be sure to
have a ready source for problem-solving, maintenance strategies, and transactions. 

Bruce's wife, Jan Buchanan, manages customer service and operations. She built
her expertise in nonprofit executive management where she spent 17 years growing
and building relationships with donors and stakeholders for important mission work
around the world. “I’m excited to support Bruce and Bill in growing and managing
our group!" she said. "I’m enjoying the work of ensuring happy clients across the

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Bruce Buchanan and Bill Groom
Buchanan & Groom Real Estate and Investment

P.O. Box 314, Falls Church, VA 22040

VA License Numbers: 0225240784, 0225205193